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Андрей Кнышев


Author-Creator, co-Director and host of one of the most popular and avant-garde humorous TV series “Funny Guys” on Soviet and perestroika TV (1980-1991), which was garnering a Prime-time audience of around 100 million people.

Worked on television abroad. As a co-producer, presenter and composer, A. Knyshev collaborated with PBS on the progam “The Art of Good Will” which won the American TV Emmy Award for Best Informational Special.

The writer, author of several humorous and satirical bestsellers, his famous aphorisms “knyshutki” of which are popularly quoted throughout Russia, and have become “memes” on the Internet, in movies, on radio and TV. Winner of the “Golden Ostap” Satire and Humor award.

Founder and creative Producer of the musical and humorous Internet radio channel “Chiplduk” with a monthly Russian-language audience of up to 30 thousand listeners in different countries.

At various times, he was an author, Director, performer, as well as a guest and participant in various TV programs, stories and shows on Russian TV.

Composes music and collaborates with famous musicians. He released a music album of his easy listening, piano lounge styled compositions. The author’s music can sometimes be heard on various screens and on radio in Russia.

One of A. Knyshev’s melodies was chosen to be specially arranged in France and then included in the American-French CD tribute to the memory of the famous French conductor and composer Paul Mauriat.


Music by A.Knyshev (chello - Borislav Strulev)


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