«All good things some day… begin!»

Andrey Knyshev is the art director and one of the founders of the project “Radio Chiplduk” ( This project includes the website and web radio channel , that works 24 hours on the Internet since 2007. About 80% of broadcast is a modern music of various styles and 20% is an original humor. The project is non-commercial as there is no advertising on the air and on the website.

Radio Chiplduk garners a monthly audience of 20-30 thousands of the unique IP adresses and it involves more than 2000 cities of different countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,Moldova, Germany, Israel, the USA, the UK, France etc.

Radio Chiplduk is famous for its peculiar one of the kind humor, musical know-how, original concept that brings a positive mood, and all it goes with a good drive and soft relax.

Musical director of Radio 4duk Alexander Demin accumulated several thousands of the tracks of all modern styles in the playlist: there are funk and reggae, lounge and nu jazz, post pank, ethno, electro pop, glam rock and hip-hop. Not to mention of non-format music that perfectly matches with funny gags and includes the brass band marches, songs from cartoons, classical romances and heavy metal.

The most advanced music lovers sometimes cannot identify even with a help of Shazam the original compositions that are broadcast on the Chiplduk radio. You can hear that kind of music nowhere else but here.

The music fills the air and supports the original style and tone of the Radio Channel. It frames and emphasizes ironical, funny, grotesque and even whaky radio sketches, stings, notices, fake news, interviews with non-existent persons, time signals, ‘educational’ programs, lectures ‘To help falling asleep’, stories about  some amazing imaginary nations and demagogic talk-shows «About anything and everything».

Chiplduk could be identified as a total and funny caricature of radio. It is intellectual and easily accesible at the same time, and it is very popular by the sophisticated audience.

It is impossible to analyze seriously the concept of Radio Chiplduk, but one can try to read about it on website in the section Shozahren’ (‘Whatthehellisthis’), and at least to listen to the air a little waiting for the ‘conceptual’ but mad jingle ‘Purga’.

According to colleagues, creative and technical specialists, producers, journalists, designers, this art project is an original and unique experiment in a such format. It forms a positive life position and artistic ideology, and represents an alternative to mass humor “below the belt”, contributes to the development of intelligence and good taste, creates an outlet from the surrounding negativity, and develops new multimedia technologies.

In 2013 Radio 4duk was chosen by the Foundation for Independent Radio broadcasting  of Russia to participate at the largest annual European media forum RADIODAYS EUROPE 2013. It decently represented our country at this conference that took place in Berlin and gathered about 600 producers, journalists and media managers from EUROPE and the USA. Andrey Knyshev made a presentation of the project Chiplduk that found receptive audience there. Some of the 4duk skits were translated in English.

Radio 4duk could be called as ‘Russian Monty Pythons on radio’ according to the foreign radio experts. In the past Knyshev’s TV career there was his original TV show «Funny Guys», that also was awarded to such a comparison to these world famous English comics who made a revolution in satirical genre on TV.

Funny and ironical, dynamic and positive, stylish and innovative Radio 4duk unites the Russian-speaking audience from all post–Soviet area and from all over the world, and that’s highly important nowadays.

Radio 4duk keeps on living in the Internet without any sponsors with a help of the audience, and keeps happy its fans year by year in spite of the financial difficulties.

In 2020 and 2021, Chiplduk web radio took 1st place in the rating of Russian-language online radio, among almost 1,000 websites reviewed with a total of about 10,000 radio streams (according to

That is why there is a hope that the slogan once rephrased by 4duk fans one day could be renewed one more time: “Radio Chiplduk. All good things some day… keep on going!”

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